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Event time!

The time has finally arrived when I can start getting out of the studio and into the wonderful outdoors to work at sports events.

Dunerunner races have been a big part of my life for the past 4 years, but in a very different capacity from massage. Until this year, I've been a part of the amazing team, helping to ensure the races get off to a great start as the volunteer marshal coordinator. This year it's all about the sports massage and the first event was a fabulous one!

The first event of the Nelson Knee Knobbler three race series was held at the Caister volunteer Lifeboat station and I was pleased to have my wonderful friend and colleague Kate Nixon Massage Therapy from Wroxham to help out. We had a super day with some wonderful people dropping in for their pre and post race massages. We are proud to say that 3 of our punters from the day ended up on the winners podium - of course it was the superb massage that helped them along!

Kate and I will be supporting the other two Dunerunner races this year with the next one on 22nd July at Winterton, followed by 6th October at Sea Palling. You can find all race information at

Pop in and say hello if you see either of us out and about!

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