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Sports & Therapeutic Massage

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Massage means something different for everyone and finding the right style for your needs is the key to getting the most benefit from the treatment you receive.


Sports or therapeutic massage can be beneficial for a wide range of muscular and soft tissue related issues, with the added benefit of helping to aid relaxation and promote an overall sense of well-being.

The sports & therapeutic massage offered at Milestone Therapy Centre can be beneficial for some of the key issues that may be affecting your activities or quality of life...

tight or restricted muscles

recovery between training and competition

performance and energy due to muscle fatigue

muscle strains and ligaments 

mild swelling or oedema 

muscle toning

trigger points

restricted joints

stress and headaches

any issues effecting your functional performance or general well being


Please get in touch with us to discuss any specific needs you may have.


Sports / therapeutic massage £35 for 30min ~ £45 for 50min ~ first visit/assessment £50

Therapeutic taping £15 for 20min

Sports &
therapeutic massage
Taping for
injury management
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Rebecca Cooper

Sports Massage Therapist


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Sports / therapeutic massage
Rocktape and Rockpods certified

As a keen sports woman I know the importance of maintaining mobility and recovering well after injury. Equally, I understand the importance of counteracting the effects of modern living and sedentary lifestyles, which recently have become unavoidable.

I have been a Level 4 sports massage therapist since 2018 and aim to aid individuals to improve their own health through promoting fitness and well-being. I have been trained to assess posture, mobility, and strength by using massage therapy, taping and cupping techniques to aid relaxation and recovery.  I am a dedicated learner and continue to add new skills and techniques to improve the service provided to our clients.  

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Emma Barham

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Sports / therapeutic massage
Indian head massage

In my spare time I'm a keen wild swimmer, motorcyclist, mountain biker and paddleboarder. Nature is my haven. I also have an addiction to house plants! 

I believe in inclusivity and treating each person holistically. Massage has so many benefits attributed to it. It can aid in relaxation, better quality of sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing lymphatic flow, oxygenating muscles, promoting wellbeing. The list is endless. Having completed the Chillswim at Coniston (5.25 miles) last year, I wish I had sought massage therapy post the event. It certainly would have aided in my recovery.  Massage is also great for pre and post training sessions, whatever your sport or passion. 


Life is a lesson and I'm continually learning about its rich tapestry and about myself. I've a passion to learn and to grow. I look forward to meeting you and helping in the best way I can.


Beverly Chilson

Owner / Manager 

Sports Massage Therapist


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Sports / therapeutic massage
Rocktape, Rockpods and Rockblade certified

As the owner and manger of Milestone Therapy Centre, my passion for wellbeing management began when I made a career change to become an Occupational Therapist, starting my NHS career in 2003.  Since then the learning and development has never stopped.  

Milestone Therapy Centre was set up in 2017 when I became a Level 4 sports massage therapist and has continued to grow in demand and services since then. Although my time is shared between MTC and the NHS, my passion for quality and continued development continues through all of our therapists and service providers now sharing our space and ethos.

We welcome everyone, whatever the need or circumstance. 

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