Environmental Impact

At Milestone Therapy Centre we strive to minimise our impact on the environment in as many ways as we can.  

Although this is an ever evolving process, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint over time in order to protect this valuable planet and the things we love the most about it; our seas and waterways, outdoor spaces and the air we breath.  

Here are just a few of the ways we are doing our bit for the environment:


Reduce and re-use

We reduce our single use plastic consumption by making conscious purchases of plastic free consumables wherever possible​; Who gives a Crap toilet rolls, Ocean Saver cleaning products, biodegradable bin liners, eco-friendly refillable soap and cleaning products

We recycle or compost as much waste material as we can

We have washable hand towels, face cradle covers and body towels to prevent unnecessary single use waste products

Treatment Mediums

Most of our products used are vegan friendly, plastic free packaging or locally blended aromatherapy infused oils in refillable glass bottles

Solar Energy

2021 is the year that we go Solar!  The treatment cabin and therapy gym will benefit from a bank of solar panels to provide our electricity and help to drive down energy costs and environmental impact

Buy Local

We support as many local businesses as we can to reduce our carbon footprint and share the love for our fellow providers of high quality products and services including All Planet Kind, Eden, Breathing Space and The Dairy Barns

MTC Garden

Our fruit and veg patch is one of our customer favourites to admire and sometimes take home some naturally grown, chemical free produce

All of our surplus products go on our roadside market stall and all proceeds are donated to our charity partner Therapy Aid providing unpaid carers with free treatments of massage, reflexology and other treatments in Norfolk


Ethical and vegan essentials for home, beauty and even business