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Holistic Healing
with Reiki or Sound

Shayne Morter

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Energy Healing

Hi. I'm Shayne. I am an N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner,  a Reiki Practitioner and a qualified Sound Healing Practitioner.

Over the years I have immersed myself into the unseen elements of the world. Diving deeply into the

Shamanic Arts, Wicca and I am currently training with the Order Of Bards, Ovates and Druids.  



I work primarily with the Light Body, or what science now calls the Bio-field, the bio-electrical field that

surrounds all things, commonly referred to as the Aura. The Chakras are the energy centres within our Auras where the electrical energy pathways known as Meridians, within Chinese healing, flow through our Bio-field and intersect and are the portals between the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of our bodies. When these Energy centres are functioning as they should then great health is guaranteed. Unfortunately any form of stress will unbalance them bringing about dis-ease. And so, using the beautiful energy of Reiki or the powerful sounds of various instruments such as the Tibetan bowl, tuning forks, gong and drum etc, along with the immense power of Intention and other healing modalities that I may be intuitively drawn to use, I intend to assist the awakening of the body's own healing abilities and its natural state of being which is perfect health, which I believe is not only possible, but probable if certain mindsets can be achieved.


From an early age I've been both fascinated and passionate about human potential and the body's ability

to heal itself. The fuel I used for this passion was the strong desire to heal myself and overcome a

lifelong battle with chronic depression and anxiety that I've fought since childhood, along with chronic

back pain and chronic headaches since my teenage years. Fortunately, my body rejected all medication.

This obviously created much suffering throughout my life, but has turned into an incredible blessing, as I

have been forced to find alternative ways of healing myself that actually work. This journey has taken me

through many world religions, many spiritual practices and many different healing modalities to reach a

point of self-empowerment. I am now on a mission to help other people empower themselves and

remove themselves from the modern toxic medicine trap that sadly so many people have fallen into. I am

here to show that there is another way. A new and ancient path leading to a higher vision of ourselves. A

vision so beautiful that it makes the modern medical establishment look as though it was from the dark


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