Hatha Yoga at Milestone: Community and Connection

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Yoga is for every body, yes even yours! No matter what you look like, what shape your body is, how old you are or if you’re living with a chronic health condition, you can do yoga. With practice, yoga will improve your physical health, enhancing strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Studies have shown yoga to be effective at maintaining or improving mobility, improving circulation and heart health, managing blood pressure and reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and even some forms of depression.


Kerry is an inclusive and patient teacher who believes that yoga should be accessible to all, modifications, variations on poses and props are used to ensure that everyone gets the most benefits from each class, in a way that suits their personal body and capability. We practice a slow-flow hatha yoga form which gently challenges the body without causing pain or discomfort. Each pose is held for a few breaths, to gain the most benefits. Meditation and breathing exercises are blended in to help relax and balance the body and quiet the mind. Each class ends with a guided relaxation accompanied by the sounds of healing instruments. Blissful!


Qigong at The Milestone Therapy Centre

Wednesday – 1-2pm

This gentle, flowing practice blends flowing movement, meditation, self-massage, body tapping, breathwork and sound to leave you feeling relaxed, restored and deeply energised.

This ancient healing practice is suitable for all and scientifically proven to be highly beneficial for both body and mind. As it is a fully standing practice (although it can be done seated too) this class is perfect for those who find the extended kneeling and sitting poses in yoga a bit challenging. It really is quite amazing.

Qigong is particularly suited to those recovering from injury or surgery or living with a long-term health condition such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS or arthritis.

About Kerry

Hello there! I’m Kerry; I’m a yoga practicing, crystal carrying, welly wearing, wine sipping, countryside wandering, beach loving lady. I’m a proud mamma to two children, two dogs, a cat and three chickens.


I began practicing yoga in my mid twenties, using it as a way to ease stress, quiet my mind and cope with the constant hustle, bustle and stress of a life in the fast paced word of media. Yoga taught me calmness, compassion, courage and that you don’t need to punish your body in order to make it stronger. Over the course of the last 20 years I’ve practiced and then studied many different styles of yoga from hatha to vinyasa, yin and kundalini, eventually completing my 200-hour hatha yoga and mindfulness teacher training with Yoga Alliance Professionals. I also hold a 50-hour qualification in children’s yoga and mindfulness and am currently studying for a 50-hour Yin Yoga certification.


Throughout my yoga journey, and especially in recent years as fitness yoga and ‘one breath, one move’ style vinyasa classes gained popularity I often felt a little out of place… in classes packed with thin, ultra-fit, fast moving bodies I was often the ‘curvy’ girl who was one or two poses behind. It wasn’t that I struggled, it was simply that my body didn’t move like theirs… flipping your leg forward from downward dog into lunge is no easy feat when you have D cup boobs and a belly that reflects your love of cheese, wine and cake! It was these experiences that taught me that we simply don’t all move in the same way, different poses look different for different bodies and each person’s ability is unique.


With this in mind I resolved to make my yoga classes a truly inclusive experience. Adapting a slow-flow teaching style that gives us time to breathe in each pose, taking full advantage of the wonderful stretching and strengthening benefits available. I also began to blend my love of sound healing into my classes, ending each session with a wonderfully indulgent guided relaxation accompanied with healing instruments.


This led me to the most recent step on my healing journey… sound therapy. A passive but powerful therapy that can ease the symptoms of dis-ease, improve physical and mental health and create a feeling of deep relaxation.


My goal to ease stress, both physical and mental, to quiet the mind, increase resilience and to remind us all to be kind, loving and gentle to our bodies. 


Yoga and sound healing are truly a tonic for everyone, providing balance and healing from the inside out. I’d love to show you how.