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Hatha Yoga at Milestone: Community and Connection

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Kerry Brind

Due to unforeseen circumstances this class is not available until further notice

Yoga is for every body, yes even yours! No matter what you look like, what shape your body is, how old you are or if you’re living with a chronic health condition, you can do yoga. With practice, yoga will improve your physical health, enhancing strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Studies have shown yoga to be effective at maintaining or improving mobility, improving circulation and heart health, managing blood pressure and reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety and even some forms of depression.


Kerry is an inclusive and patient teacher who believes that yoga should be accessible to all, modifications, variations on poses and props are used to ensure that everyone gets the most benefits from each class, in a way that suits their personal body and capability. We practice a slow-flow hatha yoga form which gently challenges the body without causing pain or discomfort. Each pose is held for a few breaths, to gain the most benefits. Meditation and breathing exercises are blended in to help relax and balance the body and quiet the mind. Each class ends with a guided relaxation accompanied by the sounds of healing instruments. Blissful!

Class unavailable at the moment
watch this space for a new day/time

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