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Reiki and Crystal Healing
at Milestone Therapy Centre

Chakra balancing
Crystal healing

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Reiki (pronounced ‘Ray-Key’) translated means ‘universal life energy.  It is a Japanese energy balancing method. Reiki is used for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. By restoring calm and balance to the mind the body has greater access to its own marvellous healing abilities. 

Reiki is an integrative therapy, meaning it works with other therapies and alongside conventional medicine, not in place of them. It treats the whole person, body, emotion, mind and spirit. It is a safe nonintrusive treatment. Reiki energy flows from the practitioners hands. We can be given to the client sitting, lying down or even standing. The client remains fully clothed. The whole treatment lasts about an hour.  

Reiki Treatment

Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is included in the treatment.  Chakras represent your entire self: physical, spiritual and emotional. The aim is to leave you feeling completely relaxed and refreshed with a great sense of calm and overall well-being. There are seven chakras in the body, they are energy centres. Chakra means wheel of moving energy. If the chakra is out of balance, your energetic body is not balanced which cause physical problems and mental issues. It can also hinder the healing process. When the chakras are balanced you will have an increased sense of well-being and self-awareness. Each chakra works on their own but if one is unbalanced it will stop energy flowing freely through the body.


Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used in healing around the world since early civilisation.

They are powerful healing tools that will help you to boost your own natural healing power. Crystals can aid healing in every area of your life assisting with physical, emotional and spiritual health. They can support you in feeling happy and peaceful and to amplify the power of love and light.

Crystals are incorporated into the Reiki treatment, these will enhance the treatment to provide a powerful, peaceful and relaxing experience.


Hi there! I'm Phillippa,

My holistic journey started over 15 years ago but I know that I was sent here to help people.  Being an empath, I've always felt people's emotions on a deeper level. I don't have to speak to someone to hear how they are feeling. I can sense it and go with my intuition on how to help them. I'm interested in working with the 'whole' person in an holistic approach. 
I've completed counselling courses in person-centred and psychodynamic counselling and
 currently finishing my training to be a psychotherapeutic counsellor

My spiritual awakening started 4 years ago, up to this point I was unaware I was an empath. I joined a spiritual and wellbeing group, where my interest in reiki and meditation began. As a Reiki Master Teacher I offer treatments and training along with crystal healing therapy.  Other treatments include animal healing.  

In addition to my therapeutic interests and being a mum, I have a craft business, Ellrose Designs, which started off as a hobby but I find very relaxing. 

Phillippa x