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Emma Barham

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Indian Head massage therapist

Indian Head massage is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy. It uses a range of massage techniques on the upper back, arms, neck, face, and head. Some of the benefits include detoxing the body by stimulating the lymphatic system, relieving stress and anxiety, helping to prevent migraines and headaches, aiding in relaxation, and improving sleep. There really are so many benefits to this ancient therapy. 

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Hello, I'm Emma. 


An Indian head massage therapist and sports massage therapist, level 4 VTCT.   


In my spare time I'm a keen wild swimmer, motorcyclist, mountain biker and paddleboarder. Nature is my haven. I also have an addiction to house plants! 

I believe in inclusivity and treating the individual holistically. Massage has so many benefits attributed to it. It can aid in relaxation, better quality of sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing lymphatic flow, oxygenating muscles, promoting wellbeing. The list is endless. Having completed the Chillswim at Coniston (5.25 miles) last year, I wish I had sought massage therapy post the event. It certainly would have aided in my recovery.  Massage is also great for pre and post training sessions, whatever your sport or passion. 


Life is a lesson and I'm continually learning about its rich tapestry and about myself. I've a passion to learn and to grow. I look forward to meeting you and helping in the best way I can.

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